CTE Vision Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit corporation and was established to provide unique mentoring, educational, career development, and performance opportunities to exceptionally talented young people as well as underprivileged and at-risk youth who are interested in pursuing non-traditional careers in entertainment and the arts, such as: stand-up comedy, music production, animation, acting, etc. Our target age group is 12-19 years old. Our programs are unique because of the extensive celebrity support and the commitment of continuous personal involvement by nationally known entertainers as well as industry professionals across various facets of the entertainment industry to benefit, enlighten and help build VISION in our youth.

Our Programs

In addition to ongoing programs & events such as life classes, internships, talent showcases—The primary anchor programs/annual events for CTE Vision Foundation, Inc. are our Behind the Stage Conference and Entertainment Boot Camp.

The Behind the Stage Conference is beneficial to the professional development of young people interested in becoming professional performers in various facets of entertainment (Stand-up comedy, music production, live performance, acting, etc.) as well as working behind the scenes. Additionally, College Students and adults who are majoring in Public Relations, Media, Entertainment & Performing Arts related fields, and Marketing would also be enlightened and benefit from the information, learning elements and networking opportunities of this event.

Entertainment Boot Camp is multi-day camp with industry professionals and youth divided by their individual genres and specialties in entertainment. The days will consist of intense and rigorous professional training and development, small session personal mentoring, team building with youth of similar interests, and a final performance.


Over the next 3 years in addition to Washington DC, CTE Vision Foundation, Inc. will expand its programs nationally to include:

  • Los Angles
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Atlanta